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a) This report is an electronic record as far as Data Innovation Act, 2000 also, rules there under as appropriate and the altered arrangements relating to electronic records in different rules as altered by the Data Innovation Act, 2000. This electronic record is produced by a PC framework and doesn’t need any physical or then again advanced marks.

b) This document is published in accordance with Rule 3 (1) of the 2011 Information Technology (Intermediaries guidelines) Rules, which mandates the publication of the rules and regulations, privacy policy, and Terms of Use for accessing or using Soulfulnidhilimited.com.

c) The domain name Soulfulnidhilimited.com (the “Website”) is owned and operated by Soulful Nidhi Limited (the “Company”), which is a registered company limited by shares.

d) The terms “You” and “User” shall mean any legal person or entity who is competent to enter into binding contracts in accordance with the provisions of the Indian Contract Act, 1872, for the purposes of this Privacy Policy (the “Policy”), wherever the context so requires. ii) The terms ‘We’, ‘Us’& ‘Our’ will mean the Site and additionally the Organization, as the setting so requires. iii) The terms ‘Party’ and ‘Gatherings’ will separately be utilized to allude to the Client and the Organization independently and altogether, as the unique circumstance so requires.

e) The headings of each part in this Approach are just to arrange the different arrangements under this Strategy in a systematic way, and will not be utilized by either Party to decipher the arrangements contained in this in any way. Further, it is explicitly consented to by the Gatherings that the headings will have no lawful or authoritative esteem.

f) The utilization of the Site by the Client is exclusively administered by this Approach as well as the Terms of Purpose of the Site (“Terms”, accessible at Soulfulnidhilimited.com), and any alterations or on the other hand corrections made thereto by the Organization now and again, at its only prudence. Visiting the landing page of the Site or potentially utilizing any of the administrations gave on the Site will be considered to connote the Client’s unequivocal acknowledgment of this Arrangement what’s more, the previously mentioned Terms, and the Client explicitly consents to be limited by the exactly. The Client explicitly concurs and recognizes that the Terms and Strategy are co- end, and that expiry/end of possibly one will prompt the end of the other.

g) The Client unequivocally concurs that this Strategy and the previously mentioned Terms comprise a legitimately official understanding between the Client and the Organization, and that the Client will be dependent upon the principles, rules, arrangements, terms, and conditions appropriate to any help that is given by the Site, and that the equivalent will be considered to be integrated into the Terms, and will be treated as a vital part of something very similar. The User acknowledges and agrees that the User’s visit to any portion of the Website constitutes the User’s full and final acceptance of the Policy and the aforementioned Terms, and that neither a signature nor an express act is required to make these Terms and the Policy binding on the User.

h) The Gatherings explicitly concur that the Organization holds the sole and selective right to revise or alter the Strategy and the previously mentioned Terms with next to no earlier consent or on the other hand insinuation to the Client, and the Client explicitly concurs that any such changes or adjustments will happen right away. The Client has an obligation to intermittently really look at the Approach and Terms, and remain refreshed on their arrangements and necessities. If the Client keeps on utilizing the Site following such a change, the Client will be considered to have assented to all possible corrections/changes made to the Strategy and Terms. A limited, personal, non-exclusive, revocable privilege to enter, access, and use the Website is granted to the User in accordance with the Policy and Terms.

2.Assortment OF Individual AND OTHER Data

a) The Client explicitly concurs and recognizes that the Organization gathers and stores the Client’s own data, which is given by the Client occasionally on the Site, including however not restricted to the’s client name, passwords, email address, name, address, age, date of birth, sex, identity, shopping inclinations, perusing history, and so forth., as well as any pictures or other data transferred/distributed by the Client on the Site. The Client knows that this data will be utilized by the Organization/Site to offer types of assistance and highlights focused on at the Client, that are most liable to address the Client’s issues, and furthermore to tweak and work on the Site to make its clients’ encounters more secure and simpler.

b) The Client knows that the Organization/Site may consequently follow certain data about the Client in view of the Client’s IP address and the Client’s way of behaving on the Site and the Client explicitly agrees to something very similar. The user is aware that this data is used for internal research on user demographics, interests, and behavior to help the company or website better understand and serve its customers’ needs. The fact that such data may makes the client explicitly caused mindful incorporate the URL that the Client visited before getting to the Site, the URL which the Client in this manner visits (whether these URLs structure a piece of the Site), the Client’s PC and internet browser data, the Client’s IP address, and so on.

c) Assuming the Client decides to buy items/administrations from the Site, the Client agrees to permitting the Organization/Site to gather data about the Client’s purchasing conduct and patterns.

d) Assuming that the Client decides to post messages/surveys/criticism anyplace on the Site, counting however not restricted to message sheets, discussion channels, other message regions, and so forth., the Client knows that all such data gave/transferred will be gathered what’s more, put away by the Organization endlessly, and that such held data might be utilized to determine debates, give client service, investigate issues, and so on., also, that such data, whenever mentioned, might be given to legal or administrative specialists of imperative purview, or generally utilized by the Organization/Site as allowed by appropriate regulations.

e) The Client knows that all data relating to the Client gathered by the Organization, whether straightforwardly given by the Client to the Organization/Site, counting however not restricted to individual correspondence like messages or letters, input from different clients or outsiders in regards to the Client’s exercises or postings on the Site, and so forth., might be gathered and consented by the Organization/Site into a record/envelope explicitly made for/distributed to the Client, and the Client thusly explicitly agrees to the equivalent.

f) The Client knows that while he/she can peruse a few segments of the Site without being an enrolled client, certain exercises, (for example, putting in a request) require the Client to give substantial individual data to the Organization/Site with the end goal of enrollment. The Client knows that the contact data gave to the Organization/Site might be utilized to send the Client offers and advancements, whether in view of the Client’s past requests and interests, and the Client thusly explicitly agrees to getting something very similar.

g) The Client knows that the Organization/Site may at times demand the Client to complete discretionary web-based studies. These studies might require the Client to give contact data and segment data (like postal division, age, level of pay, sex, and so forth.). The Client knows that this information to is utilized to tweak the Site for the advantage of the Client, and furnishing all clients of the Site with items/administrations/content that the Organization/Site accepts they may be intrigued in profiting of, and furthermore to show content as per the Client’s inclinations.

h) The Client is further mindful that the Organization/Site may incidentally demand the Client to compose surveys for items/administrations bought/profited of by the Client from the Site, and furthermore audits for the different venders posting their items/administrations on the Site. The Client knows that such audits will assist different clients of the site with making reasonable and right buys, and furthermore help the Organization/Site eliminate merchants whose items are unsuitable in any capacity, and the Client thus explicitly approves the Organization/Site to distribute all possible audits composed by the Client on the Site, alongside the Client’s name and certain contact subtleties, for the advantage and utilization of different Clients of the Site.

I) Nothing contained thus will be considered to constrain the Site/Organization to store, transfer, distribute, or show in any way satisfied/audits/reviews/criticism submitted by the Client, and the Client thus explicitly approves the Site/Organization to eliminate from the Site any such happy, audit, overview, or input presented by the Client, without cause or being expected to advise the Client of the equivalent.

3. Cookies

a) The Client knows that a’Cookie’ is a little snippet of data put away by a web server on an internet browser so it can later be followed back from that specific program, and that treats are valuable for empowering the memorable program data well defined for a given client, including however not restricted to a Client’s login ID, secret phrase, and so forth. The Client knows that the Site places both long-lasting and brief treats in the Client’s PC’s hard drive and internet browser, and does thus explicitly agree to the equivalent.

b) The Client is further mindful that the Site utilizes information assortment gadgets, for example, treats on specific pages of the Site to assist with dissecting site page stream, measure special adequacy, and advance trust and security, and that specific highlights of the Site are just accessible using such treats.

c) In addition, the User is aware that he or she may encounter “cookies” or other similar devices on certain pages of the Website that are placed by third parties or affiliates of the Company/Website. Although the User is free to decline the Website’s cookies if the User’s browser permits, the User may not be able to use certain features on the Website. The Client explicitly concurs and recognizes that the Organization/Site doesn’t control the utilization of such treats/different gadgets by third parties, that the Organization/Site is not the slightest bit liable for the equivalent, and that the Client accepts all possible dangers in such manner.


a) The User is aware that the Website/Company may share the User’s personal information with other corporate entities and affiliates in order to assist in the detection and prevention of identity theft, fraud, and other acts that could be illegal; associate related or various records to forestall maltreatment of the Site’s administrations; what’s more, to work with joint or co-marked administrations, where such administrations are given by more than one corporate element.

b) The Client knows that the Site/Organization might uncover individual data if expected to do as such by regulation or on the other hand if the Site/Organization with sincere intentions accepts that such divulgence is sensibly important to answer summons, court orders, or other lawful cycles. The Site/Organization may likewise unveil the Client’s own data to policing, outsider freedoms proprietors, or other outsiders if it accepts that such revelation is sensibly important to authorize the Terms or Strategy; respond to claims that an advertisement, posting, or other piece of content violates a third party’s rights; or safeguard the personal safety, property, or rights of its users or the general public.

c) The Client is further mindful that the Site/Organization and its partners might share/sell some or the Client’s all’s very own data with other business elements ought to the Organization/Site (or its resources) plan to converge with, or be gained by such business element, or in case of re-association, blend, or rebuilding of the Organization’s business. Such business substance or new element will keep on being bound be the Terms and Strategy, as might be changed occasionally.


Exchanges on the Site are secure and safeguarded. When a user makes a purchase on the website, any information they enter is encrypted to prevent accidental disclosure to third parties. The Client’s credit and check card data is not got, put away by or held by the Organization/Site in any way. The user provides this information to the appropriate payment gateway, which is authorized to handle it and complies with the regulations and requirements of the various banks, institutions, and payment franchisees with which it is associated.

6. Outsider

Notices/Advancements The Client knows that the Organization/Site utilizes outsider promoting organizations to serve promotions to the clients of the Site. The User is aware that these businesses may use information about the User’s visits to the Website as well as other websites in order to present the User with individualized advertisements. Besides, the Site might contain connections to different sites that might gather by and by recognizable data about the Client. The user explicitly acknowledges that the company or website is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of any of the aforementioned linked websites and agrees that the user will bear all associated risks.


Assent By utilizing the Site as well as by giving data to the Organization through the Site, the Client agrees to the assortment and utilization of the data uncovered by the Client on the Site as per this Approach, including yet not restricted to the Client’s assent the Organization/Site sharing/revealing the Client’s data, according to the terms contained here in above in Segment 4 of the Arrangement.

8. Complaint Official

As per Data Innovation Act 2000 and rules made there under, the name and contact subtleties of the Complaint Official are given underneath: (E-mail: email: help@Soulfulnidhilimited.com) Debate Goal AND Ward It is explicitly consented to by the Gatherings hereto that the development, translation and execution of this Strategy and any debates emerging here from will be settled through a two-step Substitute Question Goal (“ADR”) system. The parties have also agreed that the terms of this section will remain in effect even after the Policy and/or Terms are terminated.

a) Intercession:

In the event of any question between the gatherings, the Gatherings will endeavor to resolve the equivalent genially among gst themselves, to the common fulfillment of both Parties. If the Gatherings can’t arrive at such an agreeable arrangement inside thirty (30) days of one Party conveying the presence of a question to the other Party, the debate will be settled by discretion, as point by point here in underneath.

b) Mediating:

If the Gatherings can’t genially determine a question by intercession, said debate will be alluded to mediation by a sole judge to be designated by the Organization, and the honor passed by such sole mediator will legitimate and tie on the two players. The Gatherings will bear their own expenses for the procedures, albeit the sole referee may, in his/her only circumspection, direct either Party to bear the whole expense of the procedures. The arbitration will take place in Indore, a city in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, and will be conducted in English. The Gatherings explicitly concur that the Terms, Strategy and some other arrangements entered into between the Gatherings are represented by the regulations, rules and guidelines of India, and that the Courts at Indore, Madhya Pradesh will have selective locale over any questions emerging between the Gatherings.